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    Brittany Berry

    Since I needed to learn how to use Silhouette after giving up on my Cricut, I figured out a cool thing.

    I used Photoshop before now, so I was able to do all kinds of cool things with PNG and JPG, but now I can’t. After watching one of the first few videos of this course again (the one about PNGs), I figured out I could make my own shapes in Photoshop, save as just that item, and transfer them to Silhouette without paying for the icons.

    For example, we don’t have the heart shape in Silhouette, but we do in Photoshop. So I made a new document in PS that was about 2×2 and made a black heart, saved that file as a PNG, uploaded it to Silhouette, and used the trace tool to get my heart shape.

    Photoshop has tons and tons of shapes and cool things you can play with that Silhouette doesn’t. So if you have PS and on a budget, there’s an alternative.




    I didn’t know that! I have photoshop, but don’t use it very often! Where can you find these shapes within Photoshop? @bberry43214 @brittant berry

    Michele Williams

    Awesome news! Maybe I need to restart using photoshop. I usually only use the silhouette studio software to design.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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