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Hi all! My name is Tamara from the Netherlands and am very new in the stickerworld. Just started planning again in paper planners for about a year now and want to make the stickers I love myself. My goal is to eventually make my own planner with the details I need in a planner (there’s not one planner at the moment who has it all 😅) and to have my own planner stickers to use in it. And if people might like the planner and planner stickers I made, maybe I can start my own shop.
I’m so thankful for Rachel sharing her experiences with us and giving us the opportunity to follow a course with her inside information on how to make stickers. It’s a fast “how to” course with all the information a lot of people are unfortunately unwilling to share. I love it and am ready to get started with the course and making my own sticker kits🥳

Thanks so much!!

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