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As I understand it, you can still use the icons without the subscriptions, but you have to credit the artist in all of your listings. Your designs also have to be secondary, so you have to add your own elements to your kits as well and not just use their icons.  With the subscription you can use the icons and you don’t have to credit each individual artist in order to use them commercially. Their new FAQ section is a little different, so it is a bit more confusing, but that is the way I understand it and I assume that is how other shops also interpret it since they are all using the icons the same way. I’ve been using their icons for five years and I haven’t had any issues so far. I would definitely just make sure to use them in kits and add your own elements as well so the icons aren’t the main designs in your kits.


If anyone interprets their terms of use differently, please let me know and share your thoughts as well. Obviously we want to make sure that we are using art work the correct way. 🙂


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