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Hi Brittany, my first time browsing the forum here… I actually just ordered some of the SheetLabels Spectacle Matte 2 weeks ago to do some process and color testing, and just wanted to let you know that, unlike the Weatherproof Matte or even the Standard Matte that OL produces, the SheetLabels Spectacle Matte does have a slight texture to it. It is not “buttery” or “smooth” the way some describe the Online Labels Weatherproof Matte paper. It feels a little like a textured drawing paper and some comments online have described it as “gritty”. I think that’s a little much, but it does feel like it has a dusted coating of some kind on it. It is great quality for inkjet printing (I agree with Rachel – the less expensive OL Standard Matte produces dull and washed out colors by comparison), but the Spectacle White Matte does have a slight texture that some people may not expect. If you use it in your store, I would just put that in your product description so people aren’t surprised if they were expecting a smooth or soft coated matte paper. Hope that helps a little! If you are still unsure, then call Sheet Labels and order some samples. They allow you to sample 3 different types of products and give you 3 sheets of each to test when you order through their sample request page. All the best! GH

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