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Nicole Stauffer

I feel like I have a MILLION “why’s”…I’m just worried none of them will be big enough! I’m a SAHM/Homeschooling mom and my husband is in logistics with a pretty long daily work schedule. Budget can get pretty tight at times, and his work schedule limits my ability to go out and find a supplemental position. I’d like to be able to alleviate some of the pressure (financially) for my family, without having to sacrifice our current life setup. I LOVE designing and creating in the areas that I’m passionate about (planners, Disney, travel, homeschooling, etc.). So if there is a way for me to accomplish both, that’s a win. Lol, right now it feels like it’s all about the $$, but it’s not. It is, but it’s not! It’s about the things we’d be able to do if we were more freed up financially and work schedule-wise. It’s about how we could influence and build up in other areas outside ourselves where we are a bit more limited right now. I’d love to be able to eliminate our debt through my own hard work, to create a product that is uniquely my own. And…my ultimate dream…to be able to bring my husband home so we can work a business together.

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