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Brandee Carey

December of last year the store I managed closed down.  During this time I was sitting here racking my brain about what I could do from home until I found something.  I had just purchased a Silhouette the month before strickly to make myself signs to decorate my house.  So when I lost my job I was like “I have this machine, what in the world can I do with it?”    So I made a list of all the different businesses I could do with it.  I thought of my signs and crafts shows but my gut kept telling me no.

Because I had lost my job, budgeting was HUGE to make sure we could survive so I went to YouTube to watch budgeting videos.  I had thought about doing YouTube with some realistic budgeting because what I was watching didn’t fit my scenario and I thought there was a market for it (who knows maybe I still will one day)  but as I was getting into my own budgeting groove, I started looking for stickers on Etsy to help me.  I was so paranoid about spending any money since I had taken a HUGE pay cut with being on unemployment that I started making stickers for myself to save money.  My daughter and husband convinced me to put them on Etsy.  I wasn’t convinced and almost stopped since my first month I didn’t sell anything.  Then one night after a terrible day of interviews that left me completely deflated, I prayed for direction.  The next morning, I woke up with my first sale and knew that was my sign!  And although I have found a job (which is definitely not my dream job) I and working hard in the hopes that I can do this full time.  *crossing fingers*



AKA: The Perky Project
Aka: Perky's Paperie

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