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I almost hesitate to share my why because it sounds so much like yours!  I have learned , though, that your why can change over the course of time.

Original why: to save money by making my own stickers

I purchased a Silhouette 3 years ago when I decided I wanted to try my hand at making my own stickers.

How I wish your design course had been around back then!  I watched all the YouTube videos I could find on designing in Silhouette Studio, but there was still so much that I had to teach myself.

Even through hundreds of hours of discovering the best way to design a kit (and more importantly, the things NOT to do when designing a kit), I didn’t get discouraged because I loved the outlet for my creativity!

I started my shop with the idea that one day I would like to be making an extra $200 a month with my business. After a year in business, I have paid for my new iPad Pro (bought in late December) and have been paying back my “loan” for the graphics to use in designing stickers.  (I use the word “loan” because I used funds from my husband’s and my joint checking account to purchase the graphics/licenses/subscriptions I needed for my business. My husband doesn’t care if I reimburse our personal account or not, but I do!) That loan is almost paid off, too, so perhaps I need to set a new goal for myself.

Current why: it’s my creative outlet (I have SO many craft supplies just laying around now that I found what I really want to create) AND a way to pay for some of the extras in life

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