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Grace Horton

Hi I’m Grace I’m 45 and long term sick disabled due to various health conditions including a brain disorder that causes stroke symptoms nearly every day, I have four children age 17, 15, 25, 23, my oldest is severely disabled in a nursing home on lockdown.  I’ve not seen him in over 4 months now, and it’s killing me my son spent two years in hospital fighting for his life and now the home I had to send him to can’t let me near him, I’m very creative and teaching myself digital art and illustration, to keep my brain active I’ve already completed a course in autism for my youngest son to help understand his condition and passed with a distinction, I’m currently doing graphic design online course and photo shop all this is only when I’m well enough to these days I don’t have many of them, I have paid for two courses on stickers and making them etc, one cost more than 6 times more than this and due to my brain disorder I’m finding it hard to follow but just watched all this course so far and it’s so much easier to follow she is a great teacher, can’t wait for more I’d love her to do a stickers kit from start to finish too.

Im on benefits and can not work I gave up nursing to care for my son 24 yrs ago and have been his carer till he got so sick I had to put him in care nearly two yrs ago now I visited him everyday despite my illness not seeing him is devastating, I fill my days with my creative activities, I’d love to start my own Etsy shop selling planner pages and planner stickers but don’t know that would put me in relation to my benefits I have a small shelf space in a craft emporium which has been shut since Covid but never earned enough for my benefits to be affected, I’ve just brought a old silhouette hoping it’s ok for this course?, I have a cricut but the design space is not as good as silhouette I love silhouette design space it’s like photoshop sorry to go on looking forward to getting to know you all.

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