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Hi bberry! I have a couple Cricut machines, I love them tons but Cricut’s Design Space isn’t one to be desired by me because it’s so limiting. Silhouette’s Design Studio is way more convenient in creating images from beginning to end. I did try to create projects in Silhouette and saved them as svg and when I opened them in Cricut, it didn’t work properly. It changed my cut lines into perforated lines. I haven’t tried this recently to know if it’s changed through any updates. I urge you to enjoy your Cricut, take everything you can out of these lessons and I would suggest checking out Cricut videos and forums to help with immediate design issues, the Cricut does cut amazingly well. However, if you ever get a chance to get your beautiful hands on a Silhouette machine, I absolutely recommend it. It’s like night and day. I can try to help out any questions with Cricut but I would join Facebook groups, watch youtube videos to learn more about your machine.


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