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Brittany Berry

I’m really digging the course right now, although I do wish we had access to all of it at once, but that’s okay. I didn’t think that I would actually invest in planners to get the sizes, but I broke down and done it anyway. So I have everything I need, but I opted for a Cricut machine instead of Silhouette just because I can do more with it. I’m kinda wishing I would’ve went the other way now because I can’t figure out my machine. I’m trying to use Cricut Design Space, and it looks similar to Silhouette’s, but I can’t do as much. So I’m using Photoshop to do my designs. Do you know anything about the Cricut to give any pointers? If not, that’s okay. I think it has something to do in Design Space on why I can’t do what I want it to do. I was wondering if I could use Silhouette to do the designs, but I was also wondering if you’re able to save as an SVG in Silhouette?

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