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Kim Hamilton

Hi everyone,

My name is Kim Hamilton and I have been watching Rachel’s videos for a few months now.

Im new to the planner community and I have to admit, when I’m interested in something, I go full tilt.
‘I’ve spent literally a few thousand dollars on stickers and kits for my planner.

About me….I have been a bookkeeper for 27 years.  Straight out of college and I love it.  11 years ago I decided to start a face painting company as well.  Working 7 days a week and raising a daughter, it was a lot but I somehow managed.  In 2014, my husband of 16 years and I separated.  Now being a single mom, I had to pull back a bit with work.  Luckily my face paint business had grown to the point of being able to hire artists and send them out to jobs.

March 20, 2020….like everyone else’s, I lost my job due to COVID.  at the same time, face painting was a definite loss as well.

I had to find a creative outlet and found the planner community.  I was so happy to be able to create spreads with the kazillion stickers I had purchased.  But, something was missing.  I wanted to design my kits.  I started creating full boxes and printing them on local sticker paper.  When I looked back on the spreads, my favourite ones were the ones I created.

So, I bought an IPad Pro 12.9, an Epson printer Inkjet and a Silhouette Cameo 4.  I was ready to jump into the world of sticker making.  It was a large investment but I had recently won a labour lawsuit against an old employer who sexually discriminated against me for 14 years while employed.  I spoke to my fiancé and he agreed that the money was mine and I could do with it as I choose.  I bought him a riding lawn mower too. 😃.

I was so excited to see Rachel announce these courses and jumped on board.

My goal is to create beautiful sticker kits that will hopefully sell on Etsy and make me a millionaire.  Lol. Kidding.

Id like to make an income and help financially bc losing both my income sources was a hard pill to swallow.
‘I love the planner community and I’m happy to hopefully once day be a known sticker shop.

My Instagram name is Bubsyloustickers.

Bubsy Lou is my dog Gage.  He is 12 years old and pretty much saved me life with his love and protection over the years.  I never would have had the strength to leave my ex if I did not have Gage in our lives.  My daughter was 8 at the time and being a single mom scared the crap out of me.  Gage is a male Rottie who is a huge love bug but is very protective of my daughter and me.  In my eyes, he gave me the freedom to move forward and find happiness.

My goal with my sticker shop is to donate up to 5% of my profits to the local Humane Society in my town.  I think animals give us the love we need and I’d love to give that love back.

Sorry about the ramble…I forget the question. 🤣.

My biggest goal will be to stay focused.  and I’m super excited to start creating.

I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you and watching your shops succeed and grow.

Peace and Love,


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