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Hi everyone!! I’m Tiffany – a 30 year old adult with no kids and a lot of time on my hands! Lol. For the past 12 years, I’ve worked all kinds of jobs – always with the same goal – to make ends meet. I’ve worked in retail, in the food industry, in logistics, and even for an interior design firm. None of which are related in any way! I was never passionate about any of it. So, I did what I did best – took on a new hobby. I began to paint. Started small, worked my way onto bigger paintings. I would paint for countless hours – even through the night. Until one day – my hands started to go numb. To the point that I couldn’t even hold a brush anymore. I stopped what I loved (doctor’s orders) and focused my attention on resting my hands and continuing to work my 9-5. And then something caught my eye one day on Etsy – stickers. Planner stickers. I bought my first EC in 2017. And honestly, I’ve spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on stickers. Seeing the creativity in all the shops I came across sparked something in me. I had so many ideas of my own that I could use in my own planner – but I never knew how to start. So when Rachel announced that she was going to be releasing courses on how to design and open up a shop, I knew immediately that I needed to sign up and make these ideas in my head into reality. So, needless to say – I’m super excited to embark on this journey! Also, I can’t wait to see you all grow and open up your own shops! And to Rachel – thank you! These courses are going to be life changing for some of us!

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