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Hi, Deb of Kobelski Designs here. I am wanting to work on my own business. For 38 years I have always sat in the back of companies to help them be successful. I didn’t mind because I learn many business things from each. I took the easy way of things so to say by being in a corporate environment. Then with business slowing down and the virus I decided to go back to the things I love to do.

Being Creative.

I started drawing and then I was trying my hand a repeat pattern and grew from there.  My favorite is designing Souvenir stuff Tshirts, Mugs, and Stickers. I also love making Puzzles, Coloring and Journal Books.

I don’t remember how Rachels and my paths crossed but I have learned so much from her videos. I am just looking to learn from her. As for teaching an old dog (56), I am the in line for the treats.

gracephotosonthego is my other name. But Deb is fine.


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